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Accounting is the heart of every business. It’s the key of all financials and how businesses can keep track of their revenues and profits. Therefore, it’s important for all managers and businesspeople to have a strong grasp of accounting and bookkeeping.

Anyone can learn accounting at a foundational level. It doesn’t require a lot of time but rather a lot of focus and the right direction and help. WLP Academy provides you with the syllabus and material and our trainers help you to understand bookkeeping for beginners.

Basic BookKeeping Course ($600)

Introduction to Accounting
Types of business organisations
Accounting vs Bookkeeping
Types of Financial Statements

Accounting Equation
Definition of assets
Definition of liabilities

Double Entry
The double entry system
Double entry for Purchases and Sales
Returning of goods purchased or sold
Double entry for Expenses and Revenue
Keeping track of business transactions

Debit and Credit Balances
Debit and Credit Balances

Balancing and closing accounts
Balancing and closing accounts

Preparation of Final Accounts
Income Statement
Statement of Financial Position
Current & Non-current assets
Current & Non-current liabilities

Intermediate BookKeeping Course ($600)

Capital and Revenue Expenditure
Definition and Cause of Depreciation
Double entry for Depreciation

Bad Debts & Doubtful Debts Provision
Bad debts (Irrecoverable debts)
Allowance for Doubtful Debts

Accruals & Prepayments
Accrued and Prepaid expenses
Accrued and Prepaid Revenue

Correction of Errors
Errors with Trial Balance
Errors of Omission
Errors of Commission
Errors of Reversal of entries
Compensating errors

Bank Reconciliation
Reasons for Bank Reconciliation
Step to conduct Bank Reconciliation

Accounting Concepts
Accounting Entity Concept
Historical Cost Concept
Going Concern Concept
Prudence Concept
Consistency Concept
Accruals Concept
Matching Concept
Materiality Concept

Advanced BookKeeping Course ($600)

Cash Flow Statement
Capital and Revenue Expenditure
Definition and Cause of Depreciation
Double entry for Depreciation

Budgeting & It’s Processes
Types of Budgets
The Budget Process
Managing of Budget

Introduction to Partnership & Company
Different types of Partnership
Partnership Statement

Interpretation of Financial Statements
Financial Ratio Analysis
Key Financial Metrics

Financial Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises ($600)

Topic 1 Understanding Financial Statements
Overview of Finance and Chart of Accounts
Balance Sheet Statement
Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement
Cash Flow Statement

Topic 2 Analysing Financial Ratios
Ratios for Corporate Profitability
Ratios for Corporate Performance
Equity Changes Statement

Topic 3 Planning & Budgeting using Financial Statements
Analyse Financial Statements
Financial Planning
Capital Budgeting

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals ($600)

Accounting Equation Introduction

Finance Processes Flow within Organisation
Source Documents
Books of Prime Entry
Business Transaction
The impact of double entries

Financial Statements
Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position)
Profit & Loss (Statement of Comprehensive Income)
Statement of Cash Flow

Types of Final Account
Sole Proprietorship
Partnership Agreement
Limited Companies (Private and Listed Companies)

Inventory Systems
Periodic System
Perpetual System
Methods of Inventory Valuation

Master Budgets/Production Budget
Sales Budget/Cash Budget
Income Statement Budget

Ratio Analysis
Where to look for Financial Report of listed company
Analyzing Financial Statement of listed company with ratio:
Liquidity ratios
Efficiency ratios
Leverage ratios
Profitability ratios
Horizontal vs vertical analysis of a listed company

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Xero Online Accounting Course

Course duration: 1 Days (8 hours)

Mode of Assessment: Written Assessment

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Financial Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises ($600)

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals ($600)

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