Shopify Course

Create a Successful E-commerce with Shopify

You will learn how to establish and grow a successful online store using the powerful Shopify platform. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you will gain practical insights and valuable skills to effectively navigate the world of e-commerce and maximize your online business’s potential.

From setting up your store and selecting the right themes and designs to optimizing product listings and implementing effective marketing strategies, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to create a captivating online presence and drive sales.

WLP Academy Shopify course
Shopify course ($500)

Create a Successful Online Store with Shopify platform

  • Learn how to setup and manage your Shopify e-commerce store
  • Discover effective methods for designing, constructing, and optimizing websites to generate sales
  • Establish specific objectives and content for your e-commerce business to facilitate transactions
  • Assess the performance of your store and implement enhancements
  • Examine and analyze customer behaviors, interests, and demographics
  • Track customer feedback, responses, and reviews for your Shopify store

Course Fee


Shopify Course

Course duration: 1 Days (8 hours)

Mode of Assessment: Written Assessment

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Shopify course ($500)

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Create a Successful Online Store with Shopify platform
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